General Instructional Documents

VOH Specific Stuff

VOH Handout Handout for students to know about VOH
Instructions for Faculty Instructions for the faculty only on how to use VOH
How To General instructions for on and off campus access to and use of VOH
Software Links to all of the software you might need to use the VOH project
HP4C Instructions Instructions for scanning documents using the HP4C scanner donated to the project by OID.
ColorOne Instructions Instructions for scanning documents using the Department's Apple ColorOne Scanner.
Frequently Asked Questions Answers to pressing questions about the general use of VOH
Even More General Stuff
Some Assembly Required A brief explanation of MIME types and helper applications.

On-Line Guides for E-Mail, Unix, and Internet

Compiled by Max Kopelevich
Resources related to usage of Electronic Mail.
Information on Eudora
A Guide to The Eudora Mail Package from Australia
PINEGetting Started On Pine
PINE Information Center at University of Washington
ElmElm Tutorial from University of Hawaii
UCB Mail UC Berkeley Mail
Unix and Related Topic
Basic Unix conceptsUNIXhelp for Users
Hypertext Tutorialsvi University of Hawaii
C-shell University of Hawaii
Networking and Internet
World-Wide Web conceptsEntering the WWW: A Guide to Cyberspace
World Wide Web Intro from NCSA // Last Revision: July 23, 1996