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How do you print VOH documents?


There are two ways to print documents in VOH.
  1. Select the print option with your browser. In Netscape this means either selecting the print icon in the toolbar or selecting the File->Print option. This will allow you to print one page, of any type, at a time. Note: I hear this is broken in Netscape 3.0b5!
  2. When you select a test, say the first old midterm of 132AH, you are given a page with a list of links for each page of the test. These links go to a "container" HTML file that provides the graphic and navigational links. What you're interested in for printing is just the graphic. The URL for the graphic itself is the URL of the HTML containor with gif substituted for html, images subdirectory. So, if the text says: F91-132AH-1-1.html then the file name will be: images/F91-132AH-1-1.gif. You can enter this URL by selecting open location and typing (or copy and pasting) the full URL: Or you type (or paste) this in the "Location:" window if it is showing. Once the graphic is displayed by itself you can select print. After printing, all you have to do is increment the last number of the filename, which is the page number of the graphic: F91-132AH-1-1.gif, F91-132AH-1-2.gif, F91-132AH-1-3.gif, etc.


Printing speed and quality have been tested on the Macintosh and we have found that if you disable all of the options in the print setup menu, (graphics smoothing, etc.) you'll printing speed will dramatically increase.

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Last revision: July 17, 1996