Where to Get the Software You Need

In addition to the instructions available at each of the below sites that describe how to download and install the software, we have a small instructions page that briefly describes MIME types and points to additional online help.


Netscape Navigator Get Navigator Now
Microsoft Internet Explorer Get IE Now

Molecular Viewers

MDL Chemscape Chime CS Now Plug-in for Navigator that allows for viewing of PDB files
MSI WebLab Download Standalone viewer for many chemical formats.
RasMol Download From the Brookhaven NL FTP site. Standalone browser on which the Chemscape plug-in is built. Select INSTALL for installation instructions.

2D Chemical Drawing Software

Softshell ChemWeb Download Web version of ChemWindows/ChemIntosh chemical drawing software
MDL ISIS/Draw Download Web version of ISIS/Draw chemical drawing software

Additional Viewers

Adobe Acrobat Get Acrobat Now Reader for PDF files

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