The Virtual Office Hours Project

Students can use the Virtual Office Hours (VOH) instructional project for 24 hour access to all posted course materials, submission of questions to the instructor, and for viewing other students' questions, and the answers, online. There are several options for free access to VOH. It is not a course requirement, but an opportunity to participate in a new way of learning chemistry and biochemistry as it is being created.

Access Sites On Campus

The VOH project is housed on the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry World Wide Web site on the Internet. To use VOH, students need a computer connected to the Internet and some communication and browser software. The following are sites on campus with computers connected to the Internet for student use: You can also access VOH using your own computer in your dorm room directly connected to the campus network and configured with browsing software; Netscape is recommended, and is included in the BruinOnline (BOL) package.

Off Campus Users Will Need. . .

How to Access Virtual Office Hours Using the Netscape browser

Open Netscape. Menu select File>Open Location and type in the following address (called a URL): Click the "Open" button and the Virtual Office Hours Home Page will load shortly. Now you are ready to explore VOH! To move to other pages, just click on underlined text (called hypertext links) or icons.

If there is not already a bookmark for "UCLA Virtual Office Hours Home Page" on the computer you are using, menu select Bookmarks>Add Bookmark. A bookmark with this name will appear in the Bookmarks menu that you can select in the future without having to remember the URL.

Tips for Using Netscape with Large Documents

One of the primary uses of this project will be online viewing and printing of documents. Electronic documents can be viewed online by selecting the relevant hypertext link and printed by menu selecting File>Print. However, some handwritten documents are a series of scanned image files that load slowly and present special problems for both browsing and printing.

Suggestions for Online Viewing and Printing of Documents

If you have comments or questions regarding the Virtual Office Hours project, contact the project team.

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