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Virtual office hours is run by several scripts that handle question submission, posting, and answering. These scripts are available for use by academic institutions free of charge. Please send email to voh@chem.ucla.edu. Commercial users must write to establish a licensing agreement.

October 8, 1997: Notice! There was a small typo in the Robot that would cause it to quitely fail. In the GetConf routine the configuration entries should split on the ",". The previous version used ":". The bot file here and the tar file versions have been corrected.

August 14, 1997: Flash!! Updated (slightly) scripts, full directory, install instructions all together in one easy to use package! Get the NEW VOH tar file (version 1.1)!!

NOTICE: As I'm no longer working on VOH, this will probably be the one and only posted upgrade. Please send questions and comments to voh@chem.ucla.edu.
Thanks you!!

Matthew Walker

Unix Scripts:

These are the new ones included with the tar file...

Mac Scripts:

You should be able to run the UNIX scripts if you:

  1. Set $system_type="Mac" in the voh-lib.pl file
  2. Change all filesystem directory separators to ":" instead of the "/" used by UNIX.
These scripts will run under MacPerl 5. Requires the MacHTTP "Glue" (which allows scripts to be called by a web server such as MacHTTP or WebStar) and MacSMTP.pl (which allows mail to be sent by the scripts) to run. These can be found at the same archives where MacPerl is located. See: For MacPerl Stuff

Windows NT Scripts:

The Unix scripts should work unmodified. Set $system_type to NT.

Example HTML:

Configuration File

Because of the unfortunate coincidence that the MacOS uses ":" as it's directory separtor, I had to switch the Mac version of the voh.conf to a different separtor. I used ",". Because we needed both class and instructor information in the voh.conf file for the Mac project, the lecture field was subdivided into lecture:instructor fields by a colon. This facilitated extending the file structure an additional level. Hence, all versions of the scripts now expect a "," field separator in the voh.conf file!

Some Maintenance Scripts

These guys are definitely prototypes.


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